Consumes This

Going around and asking people what kind of content they consume.


Consumes This is directly inspired by Uses This by Daniel Bogan. I love the interviews they post, asking people what they use for their work. At the same time, I am curious to know what kind of content people consume through books, songs, movies, blogs, podcasts, videos, social media etc. And hence, I decided to start asking people around and posting their replies here on this website.


An example is available here.


At the start, I am trying to ask one person every week, but not sure about the exact day it gets published.




Of people to ask from and in general, are hugely appreciated! Drop me an email at hello(at) with the subject “Consumes This”.


Please share the website with people and drop me some suggestions!


Create a page on your personal website called consumes ( and answer the questions for your visitors. Drop me an email if you do so and I will create a directory on this website with a link to your page.

Thank you for dropping by!