Consumes This

Going around and asking people what kind of content they consume.

Anirudh Oppiliappan

Who are you?

Anirudh, from Bangalore, India. I’m interested in a lot of things – security, free software, privacy and infrastructure, to name a few. I work out, listen to heavy music, and read high fantasy.

What kind of content do you consume?

A considerable percentage of the content I consume is technical – security news, exploit write-ups, open-source projects, geopolitics, threat intelligence, and other work-related stuff usually involving Kubernetes et al. I watch YouTube, usually content revolving around spoken language learning, Japanese culture, food, Dota and Runeterra content, Twitch stream highlights and some tech product reviewers. With music, it’s generally subgenres of metalcore/deathcore. I try to find bands that use atmospheric and/or electronic elements in their music. Podcasts, but I haven’t had the time of late. Usually true crime, history, unsolved mysteries and security. I read a fair bit – I’m currently deep into the Cosmere, a high fantasy universe with intricate magic systems and cultures. I read some non-fiction on occasion, usually related to – you guessed it – security, intelligence and tradecraft. And of course, political discourse – something that can’t be escaped in today’s Internet landscape. I try to minimize this, as I view politics as generally unhealthy, but if I have to, I maintain a neutral position and consider arguments from either side of the political spectrum.

What are your sources of consumption?

I’d say nearly all of the technical content I consume is from Hacker News, Lobsters, or RSS feeds. Reddit for Dota, Runeterra (patch discussions, VoDs), and metalcore music. YouTube for most of my video. Other miscellaneous places include: 4chan – usually the technology board /g/ and wallpapers /wg/; IRC – been chatting on Rizon for 5+ years now, usually about politics, tech etc.; Twitter, but it’s mostly read-only, usually spanning about 2-3 minutes of usage before I can’t stand it anymore.

What type of content would you experiment with soon?

Probably philosophy. I’ve found that Stoicism resonates with my ideals, and I’d like to delve deeper into it.