Consumes This

Going around and asking people what kind of content they consume.


For a fictional human being named Arias,

Who are you? (less than 50 words)

A dreamer, an artist - I love to code art to turn my fantasies into projections in a physical 3D space.

What kind of content do you consume?

I watch a lot of movies - almost every day. I jot down a lot of ideas while watching, especially those related to computer graphics and interactions. Reading science fiction books is another thing that I try to do daily. I end up scrolling through a lot of art and photos as well. Mostly, concept based ones and those which have been digitaly altered.

What are the sources for your consumption?

I try to get physical CDs wherever possible for the movies. I just like to have them there on my shelf. Same goes for the books I read. I do read on my Kindle whenever I am travelling, but if I am home I would try to visit a local bookstore. Tumblr, Instagram, Pixelfed, and DeviantArt is where I find most of the art and photos that inspire me to add new things to my work.

What type of content would you experiment with soon?

I am looking forward to listening to podcasts and audio-only experiences in order to expand what I create but without any visuals. I have heard a lot of the Homecoming podcast series so I will try to start from there and also do a lot of listening on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.