Consumes This

Going around and asking people what kind of content they consume.

Maique Madeira

Who are you?

A husband, father, and photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

What kind of content do you consume?

All sorts of TV and movies, except horror. Some documentaries. Books are mostly non-fiction. I follow a couple of YouTube channels from Japan, and the Colbert/Oliver/Meyers/Kimmel shows. A few podcasts, with Swindled and Darknet Diaries on top. Photography of all kinds. News I get from the paper I worked for, and a few international ones.

What are the sources for your consumption?

I’m all over the place: Netflix, HBO, YouTube, the news sites (usually following them on Twitter), feed reader, podcasts on the iPhone (with Castro), photos on Instagram and Flickr,, a bit on Mastodon. Most of the time on the iPhone. All the sources are available on the phone, but the TV is still used for series and movies. Also a Kindle for some books, but the phone is also used for that. 

What type of content would you experiment with soon?

I can’t think of one. Maybe games, but I’m not a big gamer, so no point in getting a console.