Consumes This

Going around and asking people what kind of content they consume.

Pranav Ashwin Ramesh

Who are you?

I’m Pranav from Bangalore, India. I’m in design school, and I’m experimenting with app design. I love smoking weed, experimenting with other drugs, swimming and playing basketball.

What kind of content do you consume?

I play video games, usually rocket league on my laptop and story-based games on my play station - following which there’s the shows or series, and rarely movies. Reddit and Instagram probably come next. Then there’s YouTube to watch videos of all sorts, the bulk of which would be the sidemen and tutorials for design stuff. Then there’s Behance and Pinterest for inspiration.

What are your sources of consumption?

In approximately descending order of use, there’s:

What type of content would you experiment with soon?

Well, off late I’ve been listening to podcasts a tiny bit because they help me sleep, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s my thing.